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Niliimbia Yesu, Si Wakenya: No-Nonsense “Yesu Ninyandue” Hitmaker Says After Threats to Pull Song from YouTube

by Samantha
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Eldoret-based singer William Getumbe has found himself embroiled in a heated controversy following the release of his controversial gospel track, “Yesu Ninyandue.”

Despite facing pressure from the Kenya Classification Film Board (KFCB) to remove the song due to alleged blasphemy, Getumbe remains resolute in his decision not to take it down.

The KFCB has labeled the song blasphemous and demanded that Getumbe and fellow artiste Embarambamba remove any offensive material associated with it.

Failure to comply could result in legal repercussions for the artists.

In an interview with TUKO.co.ke, the 48-year-old singer affirmed his commitment to keeping the song accessible to his audience.

He adamantly stated that he would not delete the song from his YouTube channel or social media platforms.

Furthermore, he vowed to pursue legal action against Ezekiel Mutua, head of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), if the song were removed without his consent.

“I won’t delete my song. I invested in the song, and I am ready to defend myself. If the song is deleted against my wish, I will take Ezekiel Mutua to court,” Getumbe asserted.

He defended the song, refuting claims of blasphemy and asserting its positive message. According to Getumbe, “Yesu Ninyandue” is a good gospel song, created for an international audience, and not intended to mock God.

Previously, Mutua had called for a ban on such content and expressed concerns about Christianity being undermined by controversial material.

He accused Getumbe of seeking attention with the song, contributing to what he sees as the trivialization of religious values.

“Embarambamba and Getumbe obnoxious content will be deleted from social media. MCSK has also initiated the process of deregistering the two from the Society. If the resolution by a recent special AGM is upheld, the two will not be members of MCSK and will not earn any royalties for FIVE years. Repeat offences will earn them a life ban,” he wrote.

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