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Kenyan Lady who left 4-day-old baby for wealthier Nigerian man shares her reasons

by Paul Nyongesa
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A Kenyan TikTok user, known as Andanje, recently captivated social media with a poignant story that tugged at heartstrings and sparked a flurry of reactions.

In a series of emotional videos, Andanje opened up about his wife’s shocking decision to leave him with their newborn baby to pursue a relationship with a wealthier Nigerian man.

The tale unfolded with Andanje cradling his four-day-old baby, pouring out his struggles against the backdrop of gospel music.

“God, remember me with a four-day-old baby. Her mother ran away four days after birth to a rich Nigerian man in Kileleshwa,” he lamented, accompanied by crying emojis.

His wife, identified as @Agum.muga on TikTok, responded to his posts, advising him to take on the responsibility of raising their child alone. T

Subsequent interviews with Agum Muga provided deeper insights into the circumstances surrounding her decision.

“Tulipatana kwa gari on our way to Nairobi. After a few weeks, tukaanza kudate na things happened and I got pregnant. About loving him, ilikuwa infatuation tu, nothing much. Abortion was not an option. I was pushed by circumstances because hatunge afford. The guy lost his job and I was not working at that time. We decided to have the baby but I made it clear that I would give birth and give him the baby,” she said.

Agum Muga’s reflections delved into the remorse she felt over the situation, admitting that she had failed to consider the long-term implications of her actions.

“Why would I post something am not proud of? Najua watu wanasema sikuwa na ball ama everything that am lying. No. I was not proud of it. I didn’t expect this guy to come out and cause all this drama. He’s not the kind of guy who I would want to have a child with. I was running away from myself at some point and I ended up at his side and thought that’s where I was supposed to be,” she said.

She lamented the opportunities missed and the setbacks caused by her infatuation, acknowledging that her life had been momentarily derailed by the pregnancy.

“Infatuation made me reason less. I was just going with the flow which has led me to a ditch. Also, I feel like the pregnancy put my life to a stop at some point. I could have done so much during that period. I have moved so many steps backward,” she said.

Amidst the turmoil, Agum Muga disclosed a new relationship with the Nigerian man, emphasizing his patience and support throughout her pregnancy.

“The Nigerian has been supportive in so many ways. Tulijuana a few years back. He was first my boss. He became a friend then after some time tukaanza kudate. The Nigerian guy knew I was pregnant. Kulingana na the depth of our connection, he was ready to wait for me until I gave birth, niachane na huyo mtoi ndio tuget back. He’s okay wherever he is,” she said.

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Roselyne March 1, 2024 - 12:57 pm

wueh you leave your child for another man? why wont he take care of you and the baby? anyway si ni life?

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