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Sharp Division Rocks the Opposition Over Raila’s Possible 2027 Run

by Walter
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Reports that there is a secret push within ODM  to have Raila Odinga make another stab at the presidency in 2027 have divided the Orange party, with some leaders saying those behind the push are living in a bubble, far from the current political reality within the outfit and across the country, while others have dismissed the reports as sponsored headlines to distract the Opposition.

On Tuesday, a story in The Nation claimed to have uncovered a secret plot, largely by politicians within Mr. Odinga’s ODM to push for his sixth attempt at the top seat. Those behind the push believe that President Ruto’s fiscal policies are working against his presidency and that Mr. Odinga could capitalise on it to capture power in the next polls.

Speaking to Kenyan Report on Wednesday, an ODM lawmaker who requested anonymity said a small clique of senior party officials who have been around Mr. Odinga for decades and are partly responsible for a series of miscalculations by the outfit are keen on having him (Raila) run in 2027 because it benefits them.

”Raila’s campaign machinery every election is a huge financial war chest and some people within our party have strategically learned to exploit this each election cycle for individual gain.  Right from party nominations to the presidential ballot. They want to do it again in 2027 after failing us in 2022, when we had the best chance,” the lawmaker from Western Kenya said.

However,  a top ODM official, when asked about the reports of Mr. Odinga running again in 2027  dismissed and described it as a creation of the ODM leader’s detractors, to deflect attention from the current issues facing the country.

”Nothing of the sort has been discussed. That specific story is being circulated to distract you from the problems Kenya is facing. It is far from the truth,” he said.



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