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Wealthy Businessman Seeking a Suitable Wife to Marry, lists Qualifications

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a bold and unconventional move, Nigerian man Michael Uzondu has taken to Facebook in search of love, sparking a buzz on social media with his candid self-advertisement. Hailing from Abia state and at the age of 47, Michael, a businessman, made it clear that he was earnestly seeking a life partner.

In his trending Facebook post, Michael Uzondu didn’t mince words as he revealed his intentions and personal details. Standing at a height of 6ft1, he expressed his desire to find a serious-minded lady for a relationship with the ultimate goal of marriage. He emphasized his sincerity in this quest and even urged people not to judge him based on his photos.

In his own words: “47 years old, businessman. From Abia State but based in Lagos. Height: 6ft1. I need a serious-minded girl who is ready to settle down. Serious relationship that will lead to marriage. I’m serious. Not joking. NB: Pls don’t mind my dressing. I’M NOT MADE OF MONEY OOOO.”

Michael’s candid and open approach drew various reactions from netizens. Some engaged in light-hearted banter, while others defended his boldness.

Emmy Felix urged people to refrain from insulting him and reminded them that age should not be a barrier to seeking love. He said, “You guys should stop insulting him. If you don’t like the man, stop commenting; it’s not by force. Stop making him feel so old, 47 years is not old. Some of your sugar mummies and sugar daddies are older than that man.”

Favour Kc sought more details, asking if Michael had been single, divorced, or widowed to provide potential partners with a clearer picture.

Adaeze Bella Adaeze suggested that Michael’s search would likely be more successful with ladies aged 30 and above.

Eromosele Sunday expressed hope that God would bring a mature, respectful, and tolerant lady into Michael’s life who genuinely desired a lasting relationship.

Adunni Adey Ademidun commended Michael’s confidence and determination in his search for a meaningful relationship.

Michael Uzondu’s unconventional approach to finding love has certainly sparked discussions and showcased the power of social media in connecting people in the quest for companionship.

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