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Nairobi Police Inspector Arrested For Asking Sh10,000 From Man Who Wanted Girlfriend Freed

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In a shocking turn of events, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has apprehended Susan Wambui Muiruri, the Inspector of Police In-Charge of Zimmerman Police Post in the Kasarani Police Division, for alleged corruption.

The arrest came after the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) concurred with the EACC’s recommendations to charge her with soliciting and receiving a bribe of Sh10,000 from a complainant.

The troubling incident occurred while Susan Muiruri was serving at Kasarani Police Station, where she is accused of facilitating the release of the complainant’s girlfriend, who had been arrested and held at the station.

According to reports, she demanded the bribe as a “fee” to erase the arrested individual’s particulars from the “digital OB” (Occurrence Book).

The incident unfolded when the complainant received a distressing call from a police officer claiming that his girlfriend had been arrested for alleged theft at their Wines and Spirits Shop named ‘Santo Marine Lounge.’

To his surprise, the police officers at the station, along with an individual named Dan Matiri, demanded Sh150,000 as part of an alleged sale agreement for the shop.

The complainant, unaware of any sale, sought confirmation from his girlfriend, who refuted the claim and revealed that she had taken a loan from Dan Matiri but had not sold the shop.

Upon expressing his skepticism, the police officers accused the complainant of being rude and unlawfully detained him.

Subsequently, he faced harassment, humiliation, and psychological torture to coerce him into paying Sh150,000 to secure his release and that of his girlfriend.

Fearful of potential court cases and links to a murder investigation, he succumbed to the pressure and paid the demanded amount.

However, the police misconduct did not end there.

Inspector Susan Muiruri allegedly demanded a further “cut” of Sh10,000 as a facilitation fee for “erasing” the complainant’s and his girlfriend’s details from the digital OB.

She claimed that the digital system was slow and could only be processed digitally with the payment of the fee.

After paying the amount, they were released promptly.

Upon filing a complaint, the EACC took swift action, conducting investigations and submitting the case to the DPP with a recommendation for charges against the police inspector.

The DPP’s concurrence led to her arrest, and she is set to be arraigned before the Milimani Anti-Corruption Court.

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