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“You Must Join Illuminati”: Shock as Man Cancels Wedding After Wife Refuses to Join Cult

by Paul Nyongesa
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A Nigerian woman recently took to Twitter to share her harrowing experience just one month before her scheduled wedding.

The bride-to-be, who remains anonymous, revealed distressing demands from her fiancé, prompting her to make the brave decision to call off the wedding.

According to screenshots shared on Twitter by @dexterouz11, the bride-to-be unveiled her fiancé’s unexpected and extreme requests.

The young man insisted that she join a cult and take an oath of faithfulness with a chilling consequence – bleeding and death if she were ever to cheat on him.

Additionally, he demanded that she quit her job and cut off all her friends before they tied the knot.

Deeply disturbed by these unsettling conditions, the bride-to-be expressed her shock and emphasized that she had never anticipated such extreme measures from her fiancé.

She stated that she had spent five years of her life with him, initially seeing him as a spiritual person. However, his sudden demands painted a drastically different picture of the man she thought she knew.

“When he said oath, I thought it was an oath of getting money. But it was to end my life,” she lamented on Twitter.

The bride-to-be stressed that she had never cheated on him and could not fathom entering into a marriage with such controlling and life-threatening conditions.

Speaking to @dexterouz11, who shared the story on Twitter, it was confirmed that the wedding was abruptly canceled.

The revelation shocked many social media users, prompting discussions about toxic relationships, control, and the importance of recognizing red flags before committing to marriage.

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