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Kirinyaga Residents Fear for Their Animals: Two Stolen Cows Found Slaughtered On The Roadside

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In Kirinyaga County, residents are growing increasingly alarmed over the surge in livestock theft plaguing the area.

The latest incident, which occurred in Kangai village, Mwea, has left the community in a state of shock and fear.

Early in the morning, villagers stumbled upon what appeared to be the remains of two stolen cows lying on the side of the road.

The gruesome discovery revealed that only the intestines of the cattle were left behind, while all the valuable meat and bones had been mercilessly taken.

The incident highlights the audacity and ruthlessness of the thieves, leaving the residents concerned about the safety of their beloved animals.

For Mr. Phillip Gichohi, the owner of the stolen livestock, the loss is not only emotional but also a significant financial blow.

The two cows were valued at over Ksh 100,000, and one of them was just weeks away from giving birth to a calf. The theft has disrupted livelihoods and caused distress to the affected family and the wider community.

In the face of this escalating problem, the residents are pleading for police intervention.

They hope that law enforcement will take urgent action to apprehend the criminals responsible for these thefts.

The sense of insecurity and vulnerability among the residents has led to a demand for swift and effective measures to combat the rampant livestock theft.

Kangai location Chief, Waweru Manegene, has acknowledged the severity of the situation and has scheduled a Baraza to discuss the pressing issue of cattle theft in the area.

During the meeting, he aims to rally the community to remain vigilant and to cooperate with the authorities in providing any information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects.

As cases of livestock theft continue to escalate, the Kirinyaga community is on edge, with every livestock owner fearing the next potential target.

The livelihoods of many families are tied to their livestock, making it imperative for the local authorities to tackle the issue swiftly and effectively.

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