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President Ruto Responds to Court Ruling on Chief Administrative Secretaries Appointments

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President William Ruto has broken his silence on the recent court ruling that declared his appointment of Chief Administrative Secretaries (CASs) illegal and unconstitutional.

The High Court’s judgment dealt a significant blow to the positions of the 50 CASs he had appointed, leaving them in a state of uncertainty.

During his development tour in Lamu County, President Ruto addressed the issue, assuring the former CASs that he was working to resolve their predicament.

He urged them to be patient, hinting at an ongoing effort to address their employment concerns. The President emphasized his commitment to working with all leaders to steer the country forward.

“I am going to work with all these leaders to steer our country forward. There is nothing lost, let us be patient my friends,” Ruto said.

The court ruling, issued by Justices Kanyi Kimondo and Ali Visram, revoked the notification appointing the 50 CASs to office.

The judges argued that the framers of the constitution did not intend to have 50 CASs deputize 22 Cabinet Secretaries.

“The framers of the Constitution did not envisage that 50 CASs would deputize 22 Cabinet Secretaries,” Justice Kimondo stated.

However, Justice Hedwig Ong’udi disagreed with the decision, asserting that the office of CASs was indeed constitutional.

The ruling has led to appeals from local leaders in Tana River, who have urged President Ruto to intervene and assist those who lost their positions in securing alternative employment.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that foreign ambassadors are set for a recall as President Ruto seeks to reward his close allies who stood by him ahead of the 2022 General Elections.

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