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Sensational Tiktoker Brian Chira in Police Custody for Allegedly Defaming Azziad Nasenya

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Popular TikTok personality Brian Chira finds himself in police custody on charges of allegedly defaming internet sensation Azziad Nasenya.

The news emerged through a statement from Azziad’s lawyer, Gertrude Kibare, who disclosed the arrest during an appearance on the Eve Mungai Youtube channel.

According to Kibare, Chira was apprehended in Nakuru and subsequently taken to a police station near Wilson Airport.

The accusations against Chira stem from a live TikTok session he conducted last week, during which he is said to have made defamatory statements about Azziad.

Additionally, Chira is accused of sharing Azziad’s personal contact information with his audience, leading to a barrage of unwarranted calls and messages directed towards her.

“Sometime last week Chira went live on TikTok at night and the Topic was Azziad he uttered some words which I cannot repeat here but those words are defamatory and he did not stop there he went ahead and gave ahead and gave out her number.
My client has for the past week been buzzed with a lot of calls and messages some of which are insults and my client was not happy. Since we have the computer misuse and cybercrime act she choose to take legal action.” 
– Azziad’s lawyer

The lawyer asserts that these actions violate computer misuse and cybercrime laws, prompting Azziad to pursue the matter legally. The investigation into the allegations is currently underway.

In a twist of events, Chira’s arrest comes shortly after he reportedly faced a harrowing attack by three assailants who forcibly entered his residence late one evening.

According to Chira’s account, the intruders targeted him while he was preparing a meal, vandalizing his omena stew and demanding money.

The robbers made off with valuable items, including Chira’s phone, laptop, and various household possessions, altogether valued at approximately Ksh70,000.

The attack left him with visible facial swelling as one of the assailants allegedly dragged him on the floor during the altercation.

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