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Shock as President William RUto Declares Ksh 500k Penalty to All Kenyans Who Will Be Caught Doing The Following

by Silvester Oundo
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The Kenyan Government has has come out with major warning announcement to all Kenyan citizens inhabiting distinguished local and regional destinations.

Addressing via the Music Copyright Society of Kenya today, the Kenyan government has declared a hefty penalty amounting to Ksh500,000 to all kenyan citizens who will be caught playing music on their business premises without a music license.

The Kenyan Government articulated that it is a mandatory requirement for all kenyan citizens to acquire a music license before playing music on their respective business premises and that everyone who infringes this rule will be penalized Ksh500,000 or serve a jailterm not exceeding 4 years.

Giving a glimpse of the kenyans who should have the music license, the Kenyan government cited those owning television stations, radio stations, video halls, aircrafts, nightclubs, concerts, road shows, promotional activities and deejays.

For public service vehicles, the amount varies depending on commercial use of the video. Company vehicles pay Ksh2,000 to play audio and Ksh2,500 for audiovisual.

Vehicles carrying 14 passengers pay Ksh7,000 for audio and Ksh10,500 for audio visual. A 15–35-seater pays Ksh14,200 for audio and Ksh17,200 for audio visual.

A 36-55-seater vehicle pays Ksh24,550 for audio and Ksh29,600 for audio visual. Any public vehicle carrying above 55 passengers pays Ksh30,700 for audio and Ksh36,550 for audio visual.

Motorcycles are charged Ksh300 per year while Tuk-tuks pay Ksh900 per year. While the amount is paid annually, the rates are calculated per day.

Commercial television pays Ksh150,000, noncommercial television Ksh50,000 and Community TV Ksh5,000. Licensing for TV is charged per month.

Radio just like TV pay monthly licensing fee. Depending on frequency scope and type of music played, radio stations pay between Ksh200,000 and Ksh700,000.

Aircrafts pay Ksh1,234 per seat for the first 50 seats, Ksh823 for the next 50 seats and Ksh504 per seat for over 100.

Video halls are charged a flat rate Ksh6,000 per year.

Nightclubs depending on size and location pay annual licensing fee of between Ksh58,500 and Ksh550,000.

Non resident deejays and veejays are required to pay Ksh15,000 licensing fee.

If you want to hold concerts, you can pay Ksh35,000 per day or a flat rate of Ksh400,000 per year.

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