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Did Igathe bite more than he can chew? Details emerge of the deadly Somali cartel Igathe alleged 

by Joshua Wanga
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As is always the case with any conspiracy, first comes the bombshell after which finer details begin emerging later. Nairobi gubernatorial seat aspirant Polycarp Igathe raised a hailstorm with his claim that Nairobi County Government is under the bondage of a three-member Somali cartel. The vicious response from Duale and Ahmednasir Abdullahi laid to rest the previous rumours that the cartel is working under Gen. Badi’s protection. The latest information now alleges that to begin with, the three aren’t Somalis but Boranas and it was this ethnic stereotyping that caused an uproar amongst the Somali community. However, it was the alleged Identity of the three and the kind of patronage that they enjoy, and the people behind them, that shows Igathe may be playing with fire.

The latest string of revelations began with a strongly worded and defiant tweet by popular online political commentator Lord Abraham Mutai. Appearing to absolve Igathe from blame, Mutai said that the gubernatorial aspirant is right. He wrote that there’s a group of about 5 Somalis who are looting Nairobi County. He claimed that they’re holding the Assembly hostage. He said that he once tweeted about them and they threatened to throw his body in Tsavo Game Reserve. His tweet read,  
Lord Abraham Mutai
I’m not defending Polycarp Igathe, but he is right. There is a small group of about 5 Somalis who are LOOTING Nairobi County. They are holding the city by the balls. I once tweeted about them here they threated to throw my body in Tsavo game reserve. They MUST be fought.

This tweet opened a floodgate of bitter and harsh comments from his followers whose Usernames suggested are of Somali extraction. One by the name Gambino said that the three are well-known. He alleged that they are Abbas Khalif, his brother and also insinuated former Nairobi County Assembly Majority Leader Guyo.

Another reply by Abdikheir Adan Mohammed harshly corrected Mutai that the three aren’t Somalis but in fact Boranas.
Worth mentioning is that the two alleged members of the Khalif family are said to be children of the wealthy businessman and owner of Y Traders. He is a known confidante of the former Nairobi governor, and is reported to have been heavily involved in the operations of Mumias Sugar during its previous leadership.
With Abdi Guyo gunning for the Isiolo governor seat, it shows that the alleged cartel members enjoy links to the highest echelons of Kenya’s top two Handshake parties.

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