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Dandora Woman Turns to Selling Her One-Month-Old Baby for Ksh 40,000 Amid Tough Economic Times

by Paul Nyongesa
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In Dandora, Nairobi, a desperate single mother, Eunice Awino, has been detained by the police after making the agonizing decision to sell her one-month-old baby for KSh 40,000.

The arrest was facilitated by Africa’s top spy, Detective Jane Mugo

Awino tearfully explained that her dire circumstances, compounded by the abandonment of responsibility by the baby’s father, pushed her to a breaking point.

As an anemic mother, she spent significant time in the hospital during her pregnancy, facing challenges of rent, food, and clothing for her two other children.

The weight of these responsibilities led her to what seemed like the only option for relief – selling her newborn.

“I did not intentionally sell the baby. I was going through a lot of challenges from the time I got pregnant. I am anaemic, so I had to stay at the hospital most of the time. Again, rent, food, and clothing for me and the other two children were an enormous challenge,” Awino explained, pleading guilty to the court.

In a twist of fate, Awino’s path crossed with Gati Christopher, a Tanzanian woman struggling with abuse in her marital home and the torment of being unable to conceive.

Christopher, desperate for solace, sought refuge in the prospect of motherhood and purchased Awino’s baby without going through the legal adoption process.

Christopher, 14, lamented the relentless mockery she faced for her childlessness, prompting her to make a choice she now deeply regrets.

“In Tanzania, it is illegal to buy children. I am ready to swear in the name of God that I did not know of the adoption process,” she soberly admitted.

Detective Jane Mugo, renowned for her role as Africa’s top spy, became involved in the case while investigating the disappearance of Samuel Hans Omondi, an autistic boy missing since 2020. Mugo’s determination led her to uncover that Omondi was allegedly kidnapped and sold to a family in Tanzania. The ongoing probe seeks to locate the boy and bring closure to his shattered family.

In a surprising turn of events, Detective Mugo extended her compassion beyond her professional duties. Expressing concern for Awino’s children left vulnerable by their mother’s detention, Mugo shared her plans to personally shop for them, urging people not to judge solely based on her spy role.

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