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Mulamwah: How I Met My Girlfriend Ruth at a Weird Hardware Store in Eldoret

by Paul Nyongesa
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Comedian Mulamwah, known for his humor, has surprised fans with an unexpected twist to his love story with girlfriend Ruth K, alias Bestie.

The couple, now expecting their first child, recently shared the amusing details of their initial meeting in a candid video on Ruth K’s YouTube channel.

The revelation began with Ruth K teasingly asserting that she was the one who pursued Mulamwah, contrary to his claims.

Mulamwah accused her of stalking him, pointing out that she had his pictures on her phone even before they officially met. Ruth K defended herself, admitting to admiring his outfits and suggesting that stalking someone for their fashion sense is a harmless pursuit.

The banter continued, with Ruth K playfully teasing Mulamwah about his marital status at the time. The couple disclosed that they crossed paths in Eldoret, where Ruth K worked at a hardware store. Mulamwah, being an artist, found himself in an unusual situation – buying metal rods for a tent.

“We met in a weird place; you can’t believe you would meet someone there, mrembo anafanya kazi uko (a beautiful lady working there). I was buying some metals, you know I’m an artist, so we were buying metal rods for a tent, so I was forced to enter a hardware,” Mulamwah explained.

The comedian shared his surprise at encountering such a beautiful woman in a hardware store, highlighting the unconventional circumstances of their meeting. Ruth K emerged from the back, where she was presumably arranging nails, catching Mulamwah’s attention with her stunning looks.

“When she stood up, I was like ei, what’s going on?” Mulamwah recalled.

Ruth K confirmed that she was the one who took the initiative, asking for Mulamwah’s contacts and even sending him her Instagram handle, complete with what Mulamwah jokingly described as “kienyeji pictures” (local or casual photos).

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