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46-Year-Old Man Kills His 23-Year-Old Wife After Denying Him ‘Twa Twa Twa’ at Night

by Samantha
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The police in West Nile, Uganda, have arrested a 49-year-old man for the murder of his wife.

The man is alleged to have killed his 23-year-old wife on the night of March 1, reportedly denying her marital rights.

It is also reported that the couple had been sharing their marital bed but without any intimacy, after the victim accused her husband of having extramarital affairs.

The Nile Post magazine found that police spokesperson Fred Enanga said on the night of Monday to Tuesday, the suspect sparked an argument with his wife, leaving her on the bed and sleeping on another mattress, which angered her.

“The angry husband followed her and grabbed her, then hit her on the ribs. The victim fell to the floor and died from the injuries. The suspect then went and surrendered to the police,” Enanga said.

Enanga noted that the crime scene was recorded, the victim’s body was examined, and handed over to relatives for burial.

He also expressed concern about the continued occurrence of gruesome murders in domestic settings, particularly between spouses, concerning issues of denial of marital rights and other extramarital issues.

“We should be reminded that every partner or spouse has the right to life, which should be respected instead of taking the law into one’s hands,” the police spokesperson said.

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