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Three Akorino ‘slayquuens’ captured in a viral video dancing in Nairobi club break silence

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The Akorino girls, who were captured in a recorded dance at a club, have appealed for forgiveness from Kenyans. This plea comes in the wake of public outcry following the spread of a video of their dance on social media.

Some Kenyans criticized them for not adhering to their strict religious beliefs. Through the philanthropist Karangu Muraya, the girls have expressed their apology.

He announced their apology, saying, “They have asked for forgiveness; let’s forgive them… On behalf of the Akurinu fraternity, we regret.”

He shared several photos of the girls in what seemed to be a reflective and soul-searching session.

“I am here with the girls, and I continue to say we are all sinners. So, I called them and advised them.”

They also appeared in a video on Thursday, November 30, with Karangu seeking forgiveness in a live Facebook session.

“I want you to see the children you are judging. This is Shiru, 21 years old, Nyambura, 19 years old, and Mary Abigail, 21 years old. Please put yourselves in their shoes; they are very young. Girls, I met these young girls after they messaged me, fearing the video. So, I decided to bring them on Facebook.”

Karangu also urged Kenyans to stop online harassment.

“I won’t lie to the girls that what you did is right; it’s wrong. But you are our children, and we embrace you. No one should beat you because you are an Akorino; I am yours. Brother, you were raised under your parents’ turban before throwing a stone; remember, they are young, please stop spreading the video. One day, your child may do the same and be embarrassed.”

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