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Nubian Community Set to Gain Tribal Recognition by December 2024

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President William Ruto has announced plans to officially gazette the Nubian community as a distinct tribe in Kenya by December 2024.

Addressing attendees at the Iftar Dinner at State House, Nairobi, President Ruto acknowledged the long-overdue recognition of the Nubian community and highlighted the challenges they face in accessing essential government documentation.

“The Nubian community has not been gazetted as a tribe in Kenya, but they are already identified as a community in the National IDs. It is essential to complete this process by formal gazettement in accordance with the law,” stated President Ruto, emphasizing the importance of formal recognition for the community.

Despite the Nubian community’s ability to obtain national IDs, the cumbersome vetting process, overseen by a local grassroots committee, poses obstacles.

President Ruto acknowledged the challenges faced by the community and assured them of his commitment to facilitating the gazettement process, which will involve parliamentary procedures.

Furthermore, President Ruto announced a policy change effective May 2024, eliminating vetting requirements for Kenyans applying for ID cards.

This decision follows concerns raised by Muslim leaders regarding discriminatory practices in the identification process, marking a significant step towards promoting inclusivity and accessibility in government services.

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