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Journalist Ali Manzu Responds to Ezekiel Mutua’s Criticism Over President Ruto Interview

by Paul Nyongesa
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journalist Ali Manzu has taken a firm stance against Ezekiel Mutua, the CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), who criticized journalists selected to interview President William Ruto on Sunday night.

Mutua, a former journalist himself, expressed his discontent with the choice of journalists for the interview, questioning their competence compared to seasoned journalists such as John Simbi Okumu, Louis Otieno, and Julie Gichuru.

“Journalists of the calibre of John Simbi Okumu, Louis Otieno, Julie Gichuru et al. The media should give such interviews respect by bringing forth their best. Why is Linus Kakai, for example, not here? We need seasoned, skilled, charismatic and deeply knowledgeable journalists for such moments,” Mutua wrote.

In response, Ali Manzu, one of the journalists selected for the interview, delivered a candid clapback, asserting that Mutua had little impact during his tenure as a journalist.

Manzu expressed his disagreement with Mutua’s criticism, stating, “I was not taught to reply to elders, but please allow me to say this. You came, you saw and did nothing. While others (John Sibi Okumu) were trying to build the media space for us, you were busy awarding TV sets and taking pictures.”

Manzu went on to emphasize the need for the media to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape, suggesting that Mutua’s perspective was outdated.

“With due respect, allow us to try and delete that kind of absurdity. I’m still searching for wisdom from you during your term; I can’t find any useful one,” Manzu wrote.

The journalist concluded his response with a hint of sarcasm, stating, “Mzee samahani sana Mzee, wazeeka vibaya. Kisha jifunze kusalimia watu, sio kujipitisha na mpiga picha. Sorry, but I had to say so. Sikuchukii Mzee. Show us the way.”

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