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Something Cooking? See Details Of Ruto’s Secret Talks With Odinga’s As Speculations Loom

by Paul Nyongesa
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After a tumultuous period marked by widespread protests in Kenya, both foreign and local leaders, as well as religious figures, are making concerted efforts to bring President William Ruto and opposition chief Raila Odinga to the negotiation table.

As the dust settles from the recent wave of demonstrations, various stakeholders are working behind the scenes to restore stability and address the pressing concerns of the nation.

The Saturday Standard has learned that the head of state of a neighboring country is playing a significant role in mediating between President Ruto and Raila Odinga.

Sources reveal that the two leaders engaged in lengthy discussions on Wednesday, coinciding with growing international concerns expressed by organizations such as UNICEF about the state of the country.

Oburu Oginga, Raila’s elder brother and trusted confidant, confirmed that Ruto’s camp has been attempting to enlist foreign powers to pressure them into dialogue.

However, Oburu maintained that no concrete progress has been made through these channels, refraining from disclosing the identities of the foreign countries involved.

Oburu stressed that the opposition would only consider engaging in dialogue if the President’s camp demonstrates sincerity in addressing the concerns raised.

He firmly stated that planned protests and actions against the government will proceed as scheduled until substantive progress is made. Oburu criticized Ruto’s camp for disregarding the genuine concerns that affect the well-being of Kenyans.

While some leaders express skepticism about the feasibility of dialogue with Ruto’s camp, others, including religious leaders and business owners, have been actively calling for a constructive dialogue between Raila and Ruto to restore stability in the country. Protests have taken a toll on the economy, leading to loss of life and significant damage to businesses.

The involvement of a neighboring president in facilitating a truce between the government and the opposition follows the failure of bipartisan talks involving elected leaders from both sides.

The collapse of these talks prompted Raila and his team to return to the streets, resulting in the neighboring president’s intervention.

President Ruto has called for a Parliamentary Group meeting to discuss the way forward and address the reported meeting between Raila and the neighboring head of state.

While some government officials support dialogue with the opposition, concerns remain about potential political dynamics and outcomes reminiscent of the 2018 handshake between Raila and former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Despite the challenges and differences between the two camps, local interventions to restore calm in the country persist. Religious leaders and business owners have expressed readiness to lead reconciliation talks, emphasizing the need for stability and the resolution of pressing issues affecting Kenyans.

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