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Details emerge on why ladies threw inner wear at Eric Omondi during Ugandan show

by Paul Nyongesa
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After narrowly avoiding missing a comedy event in Kampala, Eric Omondi, the renowned comedian, found himself in a rather unusual situation.

He uploaded a video to YouTube, revealing a crowd of Ugandan ladies hurling underpants at him during his performance.

The video, which was initially shared on Instagram but later deleted, showed Omondi picking up the undergarments and showcasing them to the amused audience.

The authenticity of the panties remains uncertain, leaving viewers wondering if it was part of his comedic act or an unexpected turn of events.

According to Omondi’s caption, the underpants were tossed at him as a result of his tardiness in arriving at the show.

Prior to the event, the comedian had publicly admitted on social media that he had missed his flight. However, he quickly followed up by stating that he had made a few calls and managed to arrange a private plane to transport him to Uganda.

Despite his delayed arrival, Omondi seemed determined to entertain the audience.

Interestingly, during a recent interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Omondi announced his intention to join forces with fellow comedians and halt performances as a form of protest against the high cost of living.

He expressed his concerns about the burdensome taxes and the general state of depression among Kenyans, stating that there was currently little reason to laugh.

Omondi’s call for comedians to take a break from performing reflects his desire to draw attention to the economic challenges faced by many individuals in Kenya.

By highlighting the high expenses and the prevailing sense of depression, he hopes to bring about change and create a more favorable environment for both comedians and the audience.

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