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Bungei: I Nearly Died After Heavy Alcohol Consumption

by Samantha
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Bungei and Wanjiru both achieved fame and recognition through their athletic prowess. Bungei, with his exceptional talent and dedication, became a track legend.

Spectators could easily identify him by his trademark goggles, and his high-spirited performances on the track were fueled by the support of his fans.

Wanjiru, on the other hand, reached the pinnacle of success, becoming an Olympic champion. His remarkable achievements in the world of distance running earned him a place in the hearts of many. However, their retirements marked the beginning of their respective battles with alcoholism.

For Bungei, life after athletics became an empty void. With no clear purpose or direction, he turned to alcohol to fill the void.

What started as a coping mechanism quickly spiraled into a destructive addiction. Days turned into weeks, and soon Bungei found himself consumed by alcohol, his life falling apart.

Tragically, Wanjiru’s story ended in a heartbreaking manner. His addiction took a hold of him, leading to reckless behavior. In a drunken state, he fell from a building, leaving behind a legacy of unfulfilled potential and a nation mourning his loss.

However, amid the darkness, there is a glimmer of hope. Bungei’s wake-up call came in the form of a car accident. The incident, which miraculously spared lives but left vehicles damaged, made him realize the destructive path he was on.

Determined to change his life, Bungei sought help and embarked on a journey of sobriety. September 20, 2012, marked the last day he took a drink, and since then, he has remained committed to his recovery.

Bungei’s story is one of resilience and redemption. He rebuilt his life, finding success in business ventures and even venturing into politics. Through his recovery, he has become an inspiration to others, showing the power of determination and seeking support in overcoming addiction.

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