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Oga Obinna breaks silence after TikToker Brian Chira’s arrest

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Popular media personality, Oga Obinna, has openly shared his disappointment in social media influencer Brian Chira, after he was recently arrested for defaming TikTok star Azziad Nasenya and using offensive language to describe her.

The incident occurred when Chira took to TikTok live and shared Azziad’s contacts, leading to a barrage of insulting calls and messages directed at her.

The disturbing actions resulted in legal consequences for Chira, who now faces the repercussions of his irresponsible behavior.

Oga Obinna, known for his candid and mentorship-oriented approach, disclosed that he had previously spoken to Chira about the importance of creating clean and respectful content on social media.

He had also warned the young influencer about the implications of disrespecting and insulting others on online platforms.

In a candid interview on the #ObinnaShowLive, Obinna described the session as more of a therapy session for Chira, aiming to guide and advise him as a younger brother.

They had established plans to promote clean content and secure gigs for the influencer. However, Chira’s disappointing actions after the first gig organized for him left Obinna disheartened.

“When I sat down with Brian Chira on #ObinnaShowLive the episode was more of a Therapy session and Advise to my Younger brother. I did most of the talking hoping we shall move on the right direction. We had plans in place to clean the content, get gigs etc…I thought all was cruising nicely.”

During the interview, Obinna warned Chira that his actions will always come back to haunt him.

During the interview, Obinna earnestly cautioned Chira about the consequences of his actions, emphasizing that the repercussions of one’s online behavior can have far-reaching and long-lasting effects. Drawing from his own life experiences, Obinna emphasized the importance of reflection and personal responsibility in shaping one’s online presence positively.

Obinna also highlighted the seriousness of cyberbullying, stressing that it is a criminal offense that can lead to severe legal ramifications. He encouraged people to exercise caution and empathy while using social media platforms, reminding them that their actions can profoundly impact others, and in turn, affect their own lives negatively.

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