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No court will put the brakes on my development agenda: Ruto declares

by Paul Nyongesa
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President William Ruto has publicly stated that his government will not adhere to court orders that would halt crucial development plans.

Speaking at the funeral of Senator John Methu’s father, Michael Maigo Waweru, in Njabini, Ruto emphasized that it is the will of the people that important initiatives such as Universal Health Coverage, affordable housing, and other key promises from the pre-election Kenya Kwanza agenda be implemented.

Asserting that Kenyans voted for him based on his manifesto, Ruto argued that many programs suspended by the court were in line with the Constitution. He insisted that the judiciary, like other government institutions, must operate within the framework of the law.

“The Constitution states that the government should ensure that Kenyans have decent housing, access to high-quality healthcare, and excellent infrastructure,” he said. “Should we wait for the court to tell us what to do? We need to initiate affordable housing projects in Mhandisi and Ol Kalou, and should we wait for the court to guide us?” the president added.

Ruto emphasized that the court’s actions could result in more than 5,000 youth losing their jobs. He characterized it as a sabotage plan by a few individuals seeking personal gain from programs like the defunct NHIF, which was reportedly losing nearly half of its funds to fake hospitals and doctors.

The Head of State stated that it is time for the nation to have an open discussion about the judiciary and those rushing to halt crucial government programs for personal interests. “What we are doing is in the Constitution. The bill and budget were passed in Parliament, and more than 7 million Kenyans voted for our manifesto. It is time to listen to Kenyans,” Ruto concluded.

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