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Churchill Spills the Beans on Why Christina Shusho Stole the Spotlight on New Year’s Eve

by Paul Nyongesa
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Churchill Daniel Ndambuki, the renowned Kenyan comedian, popularly known as Churchill, recently shed light on the thought process behind featuring a Tanzanian gospel musician as the headliner for his annual Churchill Show New Year’s Eve event.

The decision, he revealed, was rooted in prioritizing the preferences of his audience, a move that ultimately led to one of the most successful shows of his career.

At the Garden City venue, Churchill addressed the enthusiastic crowd, providing insight into the selection process for the New Year’s Eve gig.

Instead of relying on personal whims or industry trends, Churchill took a democratic approach by engaging netizens through his social media platforms. He sought suggestions and opinions on what the ideal NYE event should entail.

To his surprise, the overwhelming response leaned towards a full-blown gospel concert, with a Tanzanian gospel artist taking center stage.

Despite initially considering the inclusion of comedy in the show, Churchill pivoted based on the expressed preferences of Kenyans. The decision marked a departure from the usual comedic fare that Churchill is known for, signaling a keen understanding of his audience’s desires.

In his address to the audience, Churchill described the show as one of the most successful he has ever done.

“There was no single billboard, no radio advert, or even a newspaper advert but the venue is full. What happened is that I chose to listen to the voice of Kenyans. I have a whole creative team and a research team who decide what we are going to do for the end-year party,” explained Churchill.

Churchill acknowledged the challenges faced during the planning phase, revealing that sponsors withdrew as the show evolved.

Despite these hurdles, he expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from the audience. He recognized the significance of audience input, emphasizing that the success of the show was a testament to the power of aligning with the desires of the public.

The New Year’s Eve concert featured an array of talented artists, including Solomon Mkubwa, Mercy Masika, and the Zabron singers, providing a soul-stirring musical experience for the audience. Comedic relief was delivered by a lineup of well-known comedians, including Tom Daktari, Nicki Bigfish, Terrence Creative, Arnold Xaviour, Omwami comedian, Adhis Jojo, Milly Chebby, and others.

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