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Mother Who Killed Her Two Children Over ‘Madness’ Linked to Prophet Owuor’s Holiness and Repentance Church Released Free by Government

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A 39-year-old mother from Murang’a, suspected of killing her two children with a machete, citing family opposition to her ordination as a pastor in the Repentance and Holiness Church of Prophet David Owuor, has been forgiven by the government.

This follows an official report from security officials indicating that the woman is a victim of religious fanaticism that has affected her mental health.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Murang’a South, Mr. Joshua Okello, confirmed the report, suggesting that Jennifer Njeri would now be taken to a hospital rather than being taken to court.

This decision comes after she killed her two children, five-year-old Emmanuel Katitu and three-year-old Jayden Muiruri, in the village of Kangangu in the Maragua constituency on December 23, 2023.

Mr. Okello stated, “We are currently making arrangements to admit the woman to the hospital after determining that the incident was a non-legal tragedy. All signs point to the influence of religious beliefs that disturbed the suspect’s mental state, and at present, it is clear that she is not in control of her actions and speech, needing assistance rather than punishment.”

Earlier, Mr. Okello had revealed that the suspect had written a death letter explaining that she intended to kill her children and take her own life because her family opposed her ordination as a pastor in Dr. Owuor’s church.

A statement from security officials from the church, which the government has suggested should be banned, indicated that they knew the woman as a obedient member who stopped attending services four months ago while living in Kiambu County.

“She had written a four-page letter explaining how her family had rejected her ordination as a pastor in Dr. Owuor’s church, and that’s when she decided to end her life and kill her children,” Mr. Okello explained.

The government official added, “It is apparent that the suspect is clearly not in her right mind and has been greatly troubled by the intrusion of religious beliefs to the extent that it has become a devil to her.”

Mr. Okello mentioned that “the woman surrendered herself to the police at Kabati Police Station, about 40 kilometers from where she attacked her children.”

“After receiving a call from the Kabati police, we went there with the intention of arresting her. However, after questioning and listening to her carefully, we decided that she needed to be taken to the hospital for treatment because it was evident that she is not mentally stable,” Mr. Okello said.

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