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Miguna Miguna Deconstructs CNN Journalist Larry Madowo Beyond Repair After Claims of KCSE Failure But Successful Foreign Trips.

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A few days ago, the renowned CNN journalist Larry Madowo took to his Facebook account to impart a message of encouragement to the 2023 candidates who had recently received their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results.

In a heartfelt post, Madowo opened up about his own academic struggles, emphasizing that despite facing challenges during the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) and being perceived as “failing,” he managed to embark on an astonishing 45 foreign trips to 27 different countries in the preceding year.

In his motivational message, Madowo urged the candidates not to let grades define their potential and advised them not to succumb to the limitations that others might impose based on academic achievements.

“I ‘failed’ KCSE, but I did 45 foreign trips last year – 27 countries. My B- in the national exam was so bad I was getting pushed to repeat Form 4! Mtu asikupimie hewa,” Madowo stated, which translates to “Let no one measure your worth.”

To visually encapsulate the essence of his extraordinary adventures, Madowo shared a captivating three-minute video compilation titled ‘2023 RECAP. 27 countries in 3 minutes.’ The video showcased his diverse experiences, from riding scooters and boarding trains to traversing water bodies on buses that resembled lakes.

The footage virtually transported viewers on a journey with Madowo, providing glimpses of his visits to Egypt, Switzerland, Portugal, Morocco, Nepal, Rwanda, Nigeria, Norway, the United States, and various other countries.

Throughout the video, Madowo’s infectious enthusiasm and broad smile remained constants as he danced, interacted with locals, and immersed himself in the unique cultures, cuisines, and nightlife of each destination.

Responding to Madowo’s narrative, controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna took to Twitter and deconstructed CNN Journalist Larry Madowo beyond repair after claims of KCSE failure but successful foreign trips. Miguna expressed his opinion, stating, “Larry Madowo is an empty toothy African buffoon. White men who run @CNN prefer primitive buffoons like him. He thinks that traveling around the world is a great achievement. He is just an exalted Kariuki Chotara! We won’t let him misguide our children that learning and academic excellence mean nothing.”

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