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Azimio Spokesperson Mocks Wajackoyah for Letting His Relatives Stay in Abject Poverty While He’s Swimming in a Whisky Pool

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On Monday, Roots Party leader George Wajackoyah stirred public concern when he shared photos on his social media account documenting his visit to relatives in Busibi village, Funyula, Busia County.

Accompanied by his son, who was making his inaugural trip to the country from the UK, Wajackoyah intended to reconnect with his roots and pay a visit to his grandfather, Ondenga, son of Okonyo, belonging to the renowned Abakhulo clan.

However, what caught the attention of many Kenyans was the deplorable state of the compound in Busibi village.

Despite Wajackoyah’s affluent lifestyle, the village portrayed a stark contrast, characterized by dilapidated houses on the verge of collapsing.

The sitting room, where they congregated, featured minimal furnishings with plastic chairs occupied by family members, and an aged table positioned at the center. Most of the houses in the village were constructed from mud, while some used grass and iron sheets for shelter.

The images prompted reactions from various quarters, including Azimio spokesperson Makau Mutua. He addressed Wajackoyah directly, expressing his astonishment at the stark difference between the leader’s global success and the impoverished conditions of his closest relatives.

”My brother George Luchiri Wajackoyah you are a global — GLOBAL — citizen. You have lived and succeeded in the most advanced countries in the West. I still vividly remember when you came dressed like a business mogul to visit me when I was Dean at the State University of New York, Buffalo Law School. You can’t allow your closest relatives to live in such pre-historic squalor. Do something!” Mutua wrote.

In addition, Kenyans on social media weighed in on the matter, with many urging Wajackoyah to make a positive impact on his relatives’ lives.

Philip Okwanyi suggested that even a small, semi-permanent house would significantly improve their living conditions. Mokaya Fin called on Wajackoyah to consider the plight of his blood relatives, especially as he aspires to become the president of Kenya, representing diverse sub-tribes like the Borana and the Ogiek.

Mugambi, another social media user, expressed total dismay, highlighting the evident disparity between Wajackoyah’s affluence and the impoverished state in which his grandmother resides.


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