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Lady who bragged online after landing a well-paying job in the UK gets fired

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the age of social media, the impulse to share every exciting moment of our lives is almost second nature.

Whether it’s landing a dream job, achieving a personal milestone, or relishing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, many of us find solace in sharing our triumphs with friends and family online.

However, a cautionary tale has emerged from the experience of Akorede, a Nigerian lady living in the UK, who learned the hard way about the perils of oversharing.

Akorede’s story begins with what should have been a joyous announcement: she had secured a top job at the prestigious British luxury department store, Harrods.

In a video posted on social media, she exuberantly shared her excitement, detailing how this achievement would elevate her social status and allow her to work with ‘the richest of the richest.’

Little did she know that this moment of celebration would turn into a harsh lesson about the consequences of oversharing.

Days later, Akorede found herself making another video, this time with a somber tone.

She revealed that she had been fired from Harrods within days after her induction and before even starting her first work shift.

In a surprising twist, she admitted that the initial video had been made during a joking moment and that she had not yet begun her employment at Harrods.

The boastful tone of her first video had seemingly backfired, leading her to question who might have shared the incriminating content with her employers.

Despite the setback, Akorede displayed humility and maturity in her second video, accepting responsibility for her actions.

She acknowledged that if she were in her employer’s shoes, she might have made the same decision. It was a moment of reflection for her, and she offered valuable lessons to her audience.

“Rule number one,” she stated, “don’t ever tell good news to the internet or people. Keep it to yourself… Another lesson I learned; Be humble. Kendrick Lamar did not lie.”

Social media users were quick to weigh in on Akorede’s story, with some expressing sympathy for her predicament, while others criticized her for unnecessary boasting.

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