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Kenyans in the US suffering under a Rude and Unscrupulous Consulate Officer, Mr. Gerald Mongare

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kenyans in the US suffering under a Rude and Unscrupulous Consulate Officer, Mr. Gerald Mongare

Kenyans in the United States particularly those in Los Angeles are having a difficult time renewing their passports and processing other vital documents because of an unimaginably nasty consular officer called Gerald Mongare.

Besides his rotten attitude, Mongare is totally disrespectful and inconsiderate, attributes that are not expected from a public servant. Almost all Kenyans who have been served by this fellow have nothing good to say about him.

Kenyans who book flights from other US states and cities to LA to seek consular help end up missing their flights out of the city just because of Mr. Mongares ineptitude.

The most surprising part is that the fingerprinting that he does is extremely important yet he is the only one who can do it, thus making him an unavoidable demon.

The Oldman seems to know his significant role, and he takes no step in adjusting his behavior to reflect what befits a public official.

But why is this happening?

The inconvenience of dealing with the Mongares of this world stems from the ill-advised appointments retired President Uhuru Kenyatta made during the sunset days of his reign.

Let it not shock the world that the chief of the Los Angeles Consulate for Kenya is none other than entertainer Big Ted.

Very few jokes are uglier than this. Appointing a friend to a position to appreciate the friendship is totally fine if the appointee is up to the task.

But Big Ted is rumoured to be enjoying touring the wonders of LAs celebrity spots than the quiet and often gloomy atmosphere of a consulate with squealing computers, mouse clicks, snotty and attitudinal underpaid staff who dish out curses under the weight of boring routines.

But time for blaming the former president is long gone.

The current regime of William Ruto is totally out of sync with the needs of the people both at home and abroad.

It is quite unfortunate that it is only the president who seems to be having the energy and the skills to move.

His cabinet is half confused and half lazy. The ones with stamina are confused. The skilled ones are annoyingly lazy.

I am sure it is not just Los Angeles where Kenyans are suffering. The Middle East desk at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs back in Kenya is stinking with numerous cases of Kenyans girls coming back home in coffins.

The other day I was watching this international affairs expert called Onchari Oyieyo on KTN describing Middle Eastern jobs as modern day slavery.

That is the naked truth. PS. Korir Singoei is giving the diaspora a raw deal. He needs to pick a vibrant and active replacement for Mongare immediately.

The nonsensical hype of jobs in Saudi Arabia needs to stop and the government needs to focus on making sure Kenyan firms employ enough people.

Let our girls secure jobs back home where they are treated with dignity and have the benefit of safety and security. The new CS for Foreign Affairs, Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi must move quickly and re-order the ministry.

We cannot afford to get it wrong.

Rawlings Tanui,
Tacoma, Washington.
Note: The author is the assistant Organizing Secretary for Diaspora Affairs.

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