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Ruto Launches Talanta Plaza, Pledges Reintroduction of the Sports Fund

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President William Ruto has today inaugurated the Talanta Plaza in Upperhill, Nairobi as a show of Kenya’s commitment to fostering youth talent and driving the Creative Economy. This milestone marks a significant step towards transforming the country’s sports and creative industries.

During the launch, President Ruto emphasized the vital role of investing in the nation’s youth, recognizing them as indispensable drivers of economic growth and innovation. He reiterated the government’s unwavering dedication to empowering young Kenyans by providing them with avenues to effectively monetize their talents.

The President stressed that the monetization of talent would not only enhance individual livelihoods but also make a substantial contribution to the country’s socio-economic development. By creating platforms for creative expression and entrepreneurship, Kenya aims to foster self-reliance and prosperity among its citizens.

the Talanta Hela which seeks to encourage youth to pursue their artistic and sporting goals.

“The Talanta Hela Initiative is a true Bottom-Up program; focused on empowerment, the creation of opportunities and the transformation of sports, young affairs and the arts,” President Ruto said.

The Talanta Hela Initiative is not limited to urban areas and it extends its reach to schools across the nation. Schools will be playing a pivotal role in recognizing and nurturing talent, effectively serving as academies for emerging sports and creative talents.

The Head of State has also instructed a return of the Sports Fund in a bid to make the country’s sports thrive.

”I did instruct that we bring back the Sports and Arts Fund, and make our sportsmen and women the focus and the center of the fund,” he noted,

During the launch, President Ruto celebrated Kenya’s sportsmen and women, acknowledging their important role as the nation’s esteemed ambassadors. He praised their unwavering dedication and remarkable achievements on the global stage, highlighting the immense pride they bring to the nation.




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