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Operation Linda Jamii Moves to Court to Challenge President Ruto’s ‘Mambo Matatu’ Remarks on Sugar Cartels

by Samantha
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In a recent turn of events, Operation Linda Jamii, a prominent lobby group in Kenya, has taken legal action to challenge President William Ruto’s controversial remarks concerning sugar cartels.

The petition filed on Tuesday, September 5th, alleges that the President’s comments constitute death threats and undermine the rule of law.

“The President’s impugned utterances not only amount to death threats but also undermine the principles of the rule of law and separation of powers doctrines and the systems of checks and balances contemplated in the constitution,” the petition read in part.

Linda Jamii argued that Ruto’s remarks will create a perception that Kenya undermines judicial independence if they are not retracted.

“The President’s comments if not retracted and an official unconditional apology proffered, will create a perception in the Republic of Kenya that undermines judicial independence by dint and will also see the rule of law disrespected without a recourse,” the lobby group submitted.

Linda Jamii requested the court to issue a declaration that President Ruto’s remarks are a violation of the constitution and be directed to issue an unconditional apology to Kenyans.

“A writ of mandamus be and is hereby issued directing and compelling the Respondent(Attorney General) to advise the President of the Republic of Kenya and/or the Presidency to proffer an unconditional public apology to the people of Kenya for the unfortunate utterances made during the tour of Kenya’s sugar belt,” the petition added.

President Ruto while touring the western region on August 30 vowed to deal decisively with the corrupt saying he will not hesitate to deal with those who embezzle state funds.

“Mtu yeyote ambaye anapanga kuiba pesa ya Serikali, tafadhali tafuta nchi nyingine. Mimi nimewaambia hawa wakora wote, matapeli na wezi kwamba mambo yao ni matatu; either wahame Kenya, waende jela ama waende Mbinguni,” Ruto said.

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