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Interior CS Kithure Kindiki Bans Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza’s Okolea meetings

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Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has issued a stern warning to Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza regarding the organization of meetings that turn violent.

This caution comes in the wake of recent chaos that erupted during the governor’s ‘Okolea Program’ event in Makiri, Igembe South Constituency.

Speaking in Meru on Friday, Kindiki announced that the government has implemented a ban on such meetings, including one scheduled for the following Sunday.

He emphasized that no one would be allowed to lead gatherings that result in violence and property damage.

He stated, “If you want to hold a meeting, do so to communicate your policy agenda. Meetings intended to incite people will not be allowed.”

The previous Sunday’s incident saw angry residents in Makiri, Igembe South constituency, protesting by slaughtering a cow and setting fire to mattresses that Mwangaza had intended to donate to the public.

The town experienced disruptions in businesses as supporters of the county governor engaged in stone-throwing clashes with a rival group.

Police reported that an unknown number of individuals were injured during the violent incidents, with ten people having been arrested in connection with the chaos.

The protests follow escalating war and division between the Governor and her Deputy Isaac Mutuma.

Mwangaza expressed her disappointment and condemned the disruptive behavior, emphasizing that it is unacceptable to obstruct charitable efforts aimed at helping those in need.

She called for a thorough investigation by relevant agencies and for the perpetrators to face legal consequences, stressing the importance of preventing such incidents from happening in their society in the future.

“We want to express our deep disappointment and condemnation of such retrogressive behaviour. It is unacceptable to disrupt a charitable effort aimed at helping people in need,” she said.

“We strongly believe that the perpetrators of these heinous acts need to face the full force of the law. We call upon relevant agencies to investigate the matter thoroughly and take the necessary measures against those responsible. We must ensure this never happens again in our society,” Mwangaza added.

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