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“They Refused To Bring Me ARVs” Video of Brian Chira Slamming Fake Friends Surface Online

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A video of TikTok sensation Brian Chira, expressing his frustration over his friends’ lack of support during a difficult time, has emerged online.

In the video, Chira recounts a troubling incident where he was arrested and detained, reaching out to his friends for help, only to face disappointment.

Chira, who gained fame through his entertaining TikTok videos, opens up about a distressing experience when he found himself in a Nakuru police cell.

Despite being in need of urgent medical assistance, he discovered that his so-called friends were not there for him when he needed them the most.

In the heartfelt video, Chira reveals that he reached out to multiple friends for assistance, particularly in obtaining Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) and fare back to Nairobi.

However, out of the ten friends he contacted, only one responded and extended a helping hand.

This lack of support left Chira feeling abandoned and betrayed by those he considered close to him.

The TikTok star expresses his disappointment, emphasizing his disdain for fake friends who are nowhere to be found in times of need.

He recounts how he desperately called for help, particularly from a friend named Tizian, who was located in Nakuru and could have facilitated the delivery of his much-needed medication.

Despite the initial betrayal and disappointment, Chira later forgives his friends, including Tizian.

However, he makes it clear that while he may have forgiven them, the trust and bond between them have been irrevocably damaged.

Following Chira’s tragic passing, his friends and fellow TikTokers have taken to social media to mourn his loss and commemorate their friendship with him.

Despite the challenges he faced, Chira is remembered fondly by many as a great friend and entertainer.

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