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Ruzhoff: Why Men Don’t Marry Women Out of Love

by Samantha
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In a thought-provoking revelation, Ruzhoff, a social worker who ventured abroad to Germany for work, has offered profound insights into the dynamics of relationships and marriage.

Contrary to popular belief, she suggests that men’s decisions to marry are not solely driven by love but rather by readiness and timing.

According to Ruzhoff, a man’s choice to marry is intricately tied to his preparedness for commitment.

She emphasizes that women should understand that the timing of their entrance into a man’s life plays a pivotal role in determining whether marriage becomes a reality.

“Whether a man marries you or not has nothing to do with you or your individual qualities,” Ruzhoff asserts. “It’s not about your beauty, your work ethic, or your suitability as a partner. Instead, it’s about the timing of when you intersect with his life.”

You can watch the full video here; https://youtu.be/aybce-UTFRY?si=6xNMNrmDw5ZoisTS

Ruzhoff elaborates that men may decide to tie the knot because they perceive the timing as right – whether it’s a moment when they feel emotionally ready to settle down, when external pressures, such as parental expectations, come into play, or when they recognize the need to start a family.

Her insights challenge traditional notions of romantic love as the primary driver behind marriage. Instead, she encourages women to recognize the broader context in which relationship decisions are made.

By understanding that timing is a critical factor, women can approach relationships with a deeper sense of awareness and perspective.


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