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Post pombe na sherehe wachawi wa kwenu wadhani umepotea-Akothee Advises Kenyans

by Paul Nyongesa
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Musician and entrepreneur Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has revealed that she began contemplating and working towards making her retirement dream a reality over 10 years ago.

Through her social media platforms, Akothee uploaded photos from 2013 showing her engaged in the construction of her luxurious mansion, which she refers to as her retirement home.

The artist, celebrated for her efforts in achieving her dreams long before others in her field considered investing in such aspirations, advised her followers that there is a time for enjoying life and a time for working.

Akothee advised people to stop investing their lives solely in pleasure and posing for enticing photos in front of luxurious items acquired through legitimate hard work.

She mentioned that doing so would help them avoid the traps set by their enemies who might assume they’ve “made it” and target them, while advising them to showcase their celebratory lifestyles online to confuse adversaries into thinking they are living lavishly.

“There is a time for everything, a time to build and a time to celebrate. Stop posing in front of other people’s sweat, the witches in your village will trouble you a lot thinking you’ve succeeded in life. Post alcohol and celebrations so they believe you’re lost. I built my retirement home in 2013, where were you at that time?” Akothee questioned.

The mother of five takes pride in her luxurious mansion, urging people not to heed the words of those who say “building in the village is investing in a dead project.”

Several months ago, during a debate on whether it’s better to build in the village or develop where you are in the city, Akothee stood firm, advising that building is crucial because that’s where one will retreat to and call home if things go awry in the city.

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