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Meet the lady who survived the accident that killed marathoner Kelvin Kiptum – She claims he slept on the wheel; was he drunk?

by Paul Nyongesa
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As the government prepares to bid farewell to the late marathoner Kevin Kiptum in a ceremony befitting a hero, recent developments shed light on the circumstances surrounding his tragic accident.

The accident, which occurred on Sunday, February 11, claimed the lives of both Kiptum and his coach, leaving one surviving passenger—a woman who sustained injuries in the ordeal.

The injured female passenger received prompt medical attention and was treated at the hospital on Monday, February 12, for soft tissue injuries. Following her recovery, she was discharged from the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital on Wednesday, February 14.

Subsequently, she provided a statement to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Iten, contributing crucial information to the ongoing investigation.

Officials from the DCI provided an update to the media on Thursday, February 15, indicating progress in the case.

“We were able to record statements from Sharon Kosgei yesterday,” they announced. “The investigation is still underway, and once completed, we will disclose our findings to the public.”

According to Kosgei’s statement, she witnessed the vehicle veering off the road and attempted to alert Kiptum. Regrettably, her efforts were in vain as the accident ensued.

Asenath Cheruto, the widow of the late marathoner, disclosed that Kiptum had complained of a headache prior to the accident, speculating that he may have taken medication for it.

Cheruto recounted their final moments together, recalling their conversation on Saturday, February 11, at 4 am, as Kiptum departed for training at the Fluorspar camp. Throughout the weekend, they maintained communication, with Kiptum expressing exhaustion from training and disappointment over canceling their Sunday plans due to his headache.

Tragically, Cheruto received unexpected news late on Sunday night. Despite anticipating a call from Kiptum during halftime of an English Premier League match, she was instead awakened by her mother-in-law, who informed her of her husband’s vehicle being found in a forest area in Kaptagat.

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