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Man Captured Throwing a Lady out of a Mercedes Benz in Nairobi Involved in a Tragic Accident

by Paul Nyongesa
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The emergence of an undated video depicting a disturbing scene near the Sixty Six shopping mall in Kilimani, where a man forcibly removes a woman from a Mercedes Benz sparked outrage among Kenyans.

In the video, a man exits the passenger side of the vehicle and proceeds to open the back seat door, where a woman sits. Ignoring her protests, he grabs her by the hands and drags her out onto the sidewalk.

Despite her attempts to resist, she is forcefully pushed to the ground, leaving her vulnerable on the pavement.

As the Mercedes drives away, the shaken woman, dressed in a short black dress, clutches a white handbag and struggles to regain her composure.

Shockingly, a bystander near the passenger side of the vehicle appears indifferent to the unfolding violence.

Instead of intervening or offering assistance, he nonchalantly observes the scene, even closing the back door after the woman is ejected from the car.

The callousness of his actions is underscored by his casual demeanor, as he shows no concern for the distressed woman or her well-being.

From the gestures exchanged between the man and the woman, it is evident that they were embroiled in a dispute prior to the altercation captured on video.

In the background, the voice of a woman recording the incident can be heard expressing her shock and condemnation of the unfolding events. The gravity of the situation is further heightened when another man is seen picking up the woman’s phone, indicating a potential escalation of the confrontation beyond the physical altercation witnessed.

It is now emerging that the two men were involved in an accident after the barbaric act.

Edgar Obare shared a video of the Benz in a ditch, shortly after the lady was tossed out of the vehicle.

“Shortly after tossing a lady out of the Mercedes, the machine was later spotted fighting for its life in a ditch,’’ he wrote.

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