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Pastor Kanyari Finally Reveals the Horrifying Scene that Led to the Tragic Death of His Sister

by Paul Nyongesa
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The younger sister of Pastor Victor Kanyari, Starlet Wahu, met a cruel fate on January 3, when she was brutally murdered in an Airbnb apartment in South B, Nairobi County.

The founder of Salvation Healing Ministry, Pastor Kanyari, recently opened up about the harrowing circumstances leading to his sister’s untimely death in a somber church service on January 7.

Pastor Kanyari disclosed that Starlet had attempted to reach out to him around 2 am on the fateful morning, desperately seeking help.

Sadly, he did not answer the call, completely unaware of the danger that loomed over his sister.

The pastor revealed that Starlet had sent a significant amount of money, approximately Sh500k, to her alleged killer, identified as John Matara. The two had connected through social media, eventually progressing to dating before deciding to meet in person for lunch.

“I know you have seen on social media and on TV and we are trending with people involving our church and saying my sister was killed. My sister was stabbed. My only sister who has lived in America for all her life. She has been in the University here and she was killed on Thursday morning. She was a very pretty girl and blessed. I do not want to speak about it but I know some of you are disturbed by the sad news,” Kanyari said.

Kanyari defended his late sister, emphasizing that her only mistake was trusting a stranger who turned out to be a killer.

During a heart-wrenching account, Kanyari explained that the assailant started demanding money from Starlet inside their rented room. The situation escalated, leading to a confrontation where Starlet was fatally stabbed in the neck.

The killer then callously locked her inside the room, making it impossible for her to seek help or medical attention. Starlet tragically succumbed to her injuries while attempting to save herself at the door.

“My sister started withdrawing money from her bank, but it seems she started being resistant, and they fought inside there,” Pastor Kanyari shared with a heavy heart.

Expressing his concern for Starlet’s well-being, Pastor Kanyari emphasized that people should refrain from crucifying him or his late sister.

He clarified that Starlet was not a born-again Christian and defended her choices, stating, “My sister was not a born-again, so I do not see any problem with her using alcohol or even going for a date. I am the one who is saved and not her.”

The family opted for a hasty burial on January 6, with only 20 close family and friends in attendance. Pastor Kanyari explained that they declined outside help, reversed any monetary assistance offered, and sought privacy to avoid media attention.

“We did not want any help and even those who sent money, I reversed. I did not want people to support me in burying my sister. I have seen on news that my sister’s killer has done that to other girls. It is a sad story and it is even very sad to see people bullying my family on social media. She died and we had nothing else to do so I requested my family that we hurriedly buried her since I did not also want media people to be all over me,” he explained.

The postmortem conducted on January 5 revealed that Starlet Wahu died from excessive bleeding. The family is grappling with the tragedy, and Pastor Kanyari called for understanding and compassion rather than judgment from the public.

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