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Nick Mwendwa: A Man No One Wants to Be Close to

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the sports leadership, individuals often strive to garner respect, admiration, and camaraderie.

One such figure is Nick Mwendwa, a name that resonates within the Kenyan football scene.

However, as his journey unfolds, it becomes increasingly apparent that Mwendwa is a man no one wants to be close to.

Mwendwa’s tenure as the president of the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has been marked by controversies, internal strife, and a growing perception of aloofness.

His leadership style has been criticized for lacking transparency and inclusivity, alienating not only fellow administrators but also players, coaches, and fans.

Recently, Nick Mwendwa has found himself in the crossfire during festive tournaments organized by different politicians and stakeholders across the country.

With the upcoming FKF election still in limbo and his competitor, Hussein Mohammed, taking the spotlight in county-level competitions, Mwendwa is experiencing an ‘egg on the face’ moment.

Many organizers of these competitions have chosen to sideline Mwendwa, allowing Hussein Mohammed to feature prominently in the final events, creating a notable shift in support dynamics.

During the Cleophas Malala football tournament in Kakamega, reports circulated that the incoming FKF president, Hussein Mohammed, received an official invitation from the Cabinet Secretary and UDA Secretary General, Hon. Cleo Malala, to attend the event as a distinguished guest.

While these reports couldn’t be independently verified, it was alleged that Hussein was escorted by a football entourage from the airstrip directly to the main podium, positioned next to the tournament host.

In contrast, the uninvited Nick Mwendwa made his entrance later.

Upon realizing that Hussein Mohammed was prominently seated on the main podium alongside Hon. Cleo Malala, Mwendwa reportedly chose to retreat to the spectator’s side, feigning engagement with the audience.

Despite a request from an FKF branch official to join the main podium, Mwendwa declined, stating that Hussein Mohammed had already taken the spotlight, and he would appear irrelevant if he made the mistake of going up there.

Consequently, the event concluded without any formal acknowledgment of Nick Mwendwa’s presence.

The ‘unwanted’ Mwendwa found himself embroiled in another disconcerting incident during the Glady Wanga’s football tournament in Homa Bay.

The incumbent governor accused Mwendwa of attempting to sabotage the event when the football federation, Kandanda House, sought to halt the finals due to the presence of Hussein Mohammed.

In response, Gladys Wanga, the Governor of Homa Bay County, asserted, “FKF has never done anything for teams in Homa Bay. I invited Hussein Mohamed, who listened and came to our aid. The game must be played; I am the CEO of Homa Bay County and the one making decisions here.”

This public altercation shed light on the strained relationship between Mwendwa and local authorities, further complicating his standing in football circles.

As stakeholders anxiously await clarity on the potential election this year, Nick Mwendwa finds himself confronted with a formidable challenge.

The prospect of seeking re-election for a third term is overshadowed by the growing perception of him as an adversary within the football community—a man whom no one wishes to align with closely.

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