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Multi-Million Properties Owned by Akothee’s Former Husband, Omosh

by Paul Nyongesa
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Akothee’s former spouse, Denis Eduard Schweizer, has emerged as a prominent figure in Kenya after engaging in a controversial relationship with Kenyan singer Akothee, culminating in a wedding at Nairobi’s Windsor Golf Club.

However, the relationship took a significant turn when, after a few months, Akothee called for a divorce suspecting foul play in their union.

Despite the personal turbulence, recent insights into Schweizer’s business ventures have unveiled a diversified portfolio encompassing accounting and auditing, creative planning and cultural services, and involvement in the automotive sector.

The journey into Schweizer’s business realm begins with Swiss Accounting Agency GmbH, a limited liability company located in Köniz, Switzerland.

Specializing in accounting, auditing, and tax advisory services, Schweizer, as the owner and managing director, has orchestrated significant changes within the company. Notably, on December 14, 2022, the headquarters were relocated to Mühleberg, with the domicile shifting to Murtenstrasse 2, 3203 Mühleberg.

Concept & Co GmbH, formerly known as Grow Farm GmbH, is another dimension of Schweizer’s business empire.

Situated in Köniz, Switzerland, this limited liability company is dedicated to planning and services in architecture and culture, developing innovative business ideas and concepts.

Schweizer’s influence is evident in the company’s evolution, marked by a name change on April 14, 2022, and the subsequent relocation of its headquarters to Mühleberg.

Adding a distinct layer to his entrepreneurial canvas, Schweizer ventured into the automotive sector with the establishment of RS Petrol GmbH in Mühleberg, Switzerland.

Founded on February 19, 2021, this company specializes in trading vehicle parts, particularly vehicle tires, and operates gas stations.

Schweizer, as a partner and chairman of the management, steers the company with an eye on potential growth. RS Petrol GmbH is positioned not only for domestic expansion but also for international reach, participating in other companies, and engaging in acquisitions or mergers.



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