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Pastor Ezekiel Urges Christians To Follow the Example of Muslims

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The preacher of the Newlife Prayer Center in Mavueni, Kilifi County, Ezekiel Odero, in his sermon with the congregation, advised Christians to take a cue from Muslims.

“Be like Muslims in the mosque; there are no titles,” Pastor Ezekiel told his congregation.

“When you go to the mosque, you’ll find everyone bowing down in reverence to their God. There are no distinctions between the small and the great,” he added.

The church leader illustrated how Muslims, when it’s time for their prayers, even if they are in a bank, will close all doors respectfully and rush to the mosque.

Ezekiel emphasized that Christians tend to hide their faith, stating that you rarely find a Christian openly praying, and even if they do, they will be discreet about it.

During the service, Pastor Ezekiel urged Christian leaders to work with the fear of God, pointing out that many of them set a poor example for the church. He gave an example of how these leaders are fond of carrying their tablets openly, while they hide the Bible, believing that criticizing them will lead them to leave the church.

“You have abandoned your God. You wear immodest attire, and your leaders refuse to correct you because they fear you will leave the congregation.”

“Many of you don’t allocate time for prayer because you have your hours and your businesses, which are increasingly failing. Be like Muslims; when it’s time to pray, they close their businesses and go to the mosque to pray, and their businesses thrive,” Ezekiel told his congregation during the sermon.

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