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Woman Narrates How Religious Differences Threaten Her Marriage

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A lady who identified herself as Jesca Adhiambo, 22, from Busia County, sent a message requesting reconciliation with her husband Meshack Makoha, 28, after they had a disagreement on Tuesday.

Jesca said concerns arose in their four-year marriage when her husband got upset with her for attending a fellowship without his consent.

“It was yesterday at around 9 o’clock when I told him I wanted to go to fellowship. He asked if I had just joined the church recently and started fellowship. He told me there’s no way I was going. I pleaded with him to let me go because I had already informed my friends I was attending. I just left and went. I returned home around 12 noon. When I got back, he was very angry and hasn’t spoken to me since,” Jesca narrated.

She added, “We had to attend a different church in the reserve, not the one I used to go to in town. I went to fellowship with our younger child, leaving the older one at home. I left after preparing lunch and breakfast. I know that’s what made him angry.”

Jesca revealed that this morning, Wednesday, her husband left for work without saying anything to her.

“He went to work without saying a word to me. He just had his meal. He didn’t even speak. He gets angry over little things,” she said.

When Meshack was called on the phone, he dismissed claims of being upset and insisted that he was fine.

“It’s not like I was sulking. We had some business with a friend who hadn’t paid us. When I got back home, I tried to talk to her,” Meshack said.

Furthermore, he explained that his parents did not approve of the church she had chosen to attend.

“My parents don’t like the church she’s attending. They say we’re in the Illuminati. I told her to wait for a bit. She’s not happy with my parents’ church. I’m the one who suggested she join another church. I have no problem with that church. I told her I was upset about other matters, not the church,” he said.

Jesca, however, complained, “Usually, in the morning, you touch me and tell me when you’re going to work. But today, I woke up to a closed door, and I couldn’t figure out what happened because I slept alone.”

Regarding her decision to attend a different church from her husband’s parents, Jesca said, “We used to go to the same church as his parents, but I didn’t like it. So, I decided to join another one.”

The two of them were able to reconcile, and Meshack promised to talk to his wife when he returns home from work.

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