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Comedian Eric Omondi Reveals Why He Left His Job at Radio Jambo After Just Eight Months

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Comedian Eric Omondi has, for the first time, explained why he left Radio Jambo station after working there for only eight months.

Speaking to fellow comedian Oga Obinna on his YouTube channel, Omondi admitted that he was not fired from the radio but rather overwhelmed by the workload.

“I was at Radio Jambo, and in a person’s growth, I was at the peak of my career. I am not a morning person, but I remember being there with Gidi and Ghost. I worked at Jambo for eight months, and I got overwhelmed. My manager and I accepted the truth that working in radio was not suitable for me,” Omondi said.

The comedian admitted that he used to arrive at the studio in the morning feeling overwhelmed by fatigue because the previous night he had been performing shows in various clubs.

The comedian acknowledged that there was a conflict between balancing his comedy career and the radio job, and at one point, he had to miss two significant shows that would have earned him nearly half a million shillings because he was required to be on the radio.

“We missed two big shows, the Barclays shows in Kisumu, which were worth about half a million shillings. That’s when we decided to write a resignation letter to the management,” he said.

Realizing that he was overwhelmed with the radio job, Omondi said he had to consult with his manager, and they decided to write a resignation letter.

He later embarked on a global comedy tour and has, to date, visited 17 countries, including the United States

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