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‘Sitaki Wanawake tena” Shock as Man angrily divorces all 3 wives the same day

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a poignant interview with Afrimax English, an elderly man known simply as Mutiacya shared the heartbreaking story of how his life took a dramatic turn.

Hailing from Uganda, Mutiacya’s narrative serves as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nature of fate.

In his prime, Mutiacya enjoyed a life of prosperity, providing well for his family and cherishing the harmonious bond they shared.

However, a cruel twist of fate saw him lose his job, subsequently extinguishing his main source of income.

The abrupt halt in earnings marked a turning point that would unravel the life he had carefully built.

Mutiacya’s misfortune took a toll not only on his financial stability but also on his family dynamics.

With three wives and seven children, they had once thrived in contentment.

As his income dwindled, so did the respect and support he received from his wives.

He recounted the pain of watching the women he loved openly disrespect him, exacerbating his feelings of inadequacy during this trying period.

Frustration and disappointment led Mutiacya to make a difficult decision. In a single day, he bid farewell to his three wives, ushering them out of his life in an attempt to find solace in solitude. This act, though heart-wrenching, marked a symbolic release from the strain that his relationships had become.

Remarkably, despite the hardships he faced, Mutiacya found solace in an unexpected source of joy.

With his own children dispersed, some abroad and others within Uganda, he turned to bringing happiness to others.

Through acts of kindness and generosity, he discovered that uplifting others brought him a unique sense of contentment, even in his own struggles.

When asked about the possibility of remarriage, Mutiacya’s response was firm: “never.” The scars of his past experiences with marriage remain a testament to the challenges and turmoil he endured.

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