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DCI on the spot for arresting the wrong woman after raiding an infamous drug den in Ngara

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a surprising turn of events, recent revelations suggest that Teresia Wanjiku, the woman apprehended in Ngara during a high-profile drug den operation, may be innocent of the allegations leveled against her.

NTV’s investigative efforts have shed light on a potentially grave error committed by the Anti-Narcotics unit, as it appears that they arrested the wrong individual during their early morning raid.

This startling revelation has cast doubt on the accuracy of the initial operation and raised questions about the thoroughness of the investigation.

Teresia Wanjiku’s daughter, Sheila Waithera, has come forward with a compelling account that adds weight to the possibility of mistaken identity.

Waithera recounted that upon returning home, she was stunned to learn from a friend that her mother had been detained under suspicion of drug trafficking.

“I told the officers that they had the wrong person because I had left my mother cooking at her hotel less than an hour ago,” she said.

Teresia’s son also believes that their mother is innocent.

“The person they are looking for is well known.

She was even arrested last year but later released.

They know what she looks like. Her complexion, body structure and even skin tone is very different from my mother’s.

They should release her,” he said.

This revelation prompted Waithera to delve deeper into the unfolding situation, and her subsequent findings have led to a growing chorus of doubts surrounding her mother’s involvement.

The incident has sparked discussions about the meticulousness required in law enforcement procedures, particularly in cases involving serious criminal allegations.

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