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Fierce battle looms as Football stakeholders now turn to government days after extending transition committee’s term

by Paul Nyongesa
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Days after Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed extended the Football Kenya Federation Transition Committee’s term by two month, Zoo Kericho Kericho Chairman Ken Ocheing has now come out guns blazing accusing Amina’s move.

In a long club statement sent to the press, Ken Ocheing said

13 years ago, when the idea of Zoo Fc was birthed, we had a plethora of ambitions. Our ambitions revolved around featuring in the highest league run and managed by FKF, featuring in the most lucrative continental showdown organised and managed by CAF and to churn out players who would feature in bigger competitions. We have faced normal hiccups that any other ambitious side would face but we have remained consistent to the pursuit.

The country is aware that the National Government, which remains a key stakeholder in development of football among other sports, has since November 2021 attempted to steer FKF reforms. Whereas we laud all efforts by the National Government that are aimed to develop and streamline the management of football,we are of the view that the very attempts remain a threat to our very dreams. As such, we are saddened by the actions of the Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and Heritage via the Gazette Notice No. 7005 in extending the mandate of the Football Kenya Federation Transition Committee (FKFTC) purportedly in exercise of powers conferred to her vide Section 54 (1) of the Sports Act No. 25 of 2013. The said mandate which is said to have commenced on 16/6/2022 is to run for another 2 months.

Having been aggrieved by the manner in which the NSL has been hitherto organized and run by the FKFTC and its predecessor the FKFCC, we alongside 8 other Petitioners filed the SDTSC NO. E021 OF 2022 which suit has since attracted 10 other teams from the FKFPL and the FKFDO who have joined the same as Interested Parties. The said suit is still pending determination. We are also aware that 13 Division 2 teams have since sought and obtained orders stopping their league.

Among other issues, our Petition and that of the Division 2 teams are concerned with legality of the FKFTC’s actions in running the FKF Leagues in contrary to the FKF Constitution and arbitrary to FKF Rules and Regulations and by extension its predecessor: Management of the said leagues in a contrasting manner being their primary mandate. Conspicuously, the FKFTC has ignored the FKF Standing Committees and Judicial Bodies and gone ahead to arbitrarily appoint some Kangaroo Committees in disregard of the FKF Constitution that they ought to have religiously upheld.

We are further concerned that their mandate was to bridge the leadership vacuum occasioned by her Gazette Notice No. 12374 which ousted FKF National Executive Committee which has since been arguably cured by the FKF SGM of 11/6/2022.

As a club we have been victims of match manipulation, poor officiating, unfair /delayed findings on our match day protests. We thus deem our continued participation in an already contaminated league at the expense of our unresolved grievances as a waste of time and our hard earned meagre resources in the absence of sponsorship. Technically the said league is a nullity. Legally,it’s a nullity. Morally,it is divisive and only appealing to the hearts of the very authors of disorder and chaos. Financially, only the extensive match fixing webb remain the sole beneficiaries of the anarchy. For obvious reasons, neither the Government nor the FKFTC has powers to deal with this vice which regrettably has reared its ugly head in each and every team in the FKFTC managed leagues. Not even our continued participation can sanitise the charade. Its absurdly remains senseless to agitate for slightest of order without the consonance of other relevant stakeholders, football clubs being the keymost. Its one fight we cannot win by ourselves.

In view of the above,we hereby immediately withdraw from the FKFTC organised and run NSL 2021 -2022 season. To our dearest and most loyal set of fans and admirers,the dream remains afloat. To participate in a disorderly mismanaged league is a betrayal to FIFA, CAF and FKF Statutes and the leagues they organize where we dream to feature when everything stabilises. We beseech you to exercise patience as you have previously done even when we have been at our lowest football ebb. To this end,we await the FKF directions on when a FIFA recognized league will commence.

May it be a league that will promote sporting merit and FairPlay. Na Hatujavunja team. Amen.

Ken Ochieng’ – ChairmanF

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