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Sabina Chege warns Kikuyu women against marrying Luo men

by Paul Nyongesa
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A resurfaced video featuring Jubilee Party politician Sabina Chege has ignited controversy online.

In the video, originally recorded during a college event, Chege urged Kikuyu men to prevent their women from marrying outside their tribe.

She emphasized the importance of Kikuyu women marrying within their community rather than seeking partners from Luo land or elsewhere.

“We want bold men. We do not want our girls to be married in Luo land and elsewhere. We want them to be married to our sons. So please, I want to encourage the young men, do not feel shy,” she said.

Chege, who is pursuing her PhD, also expressed support for the current government and lamented her unsuccessful bid for the presidency as part of the Azimio team.


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Here are some of the comments from social media users:

Baba Junior

I have never seen a Gikuyu shosho in luo land,so I’m not surprised by this..We are much okay


Being Luo is truly a blessing 🥰🥰, cheers on to us unapologetically born Luos in Kenya

Augustine Boy

nani alikwambia we want to marry kikuyus,,they Normally follow our sweet mjulus@


These are the nationalistic leaders, we are really poor of leaders


Am not seeing tribalism, she’s just encouraging their men to be as bold as those from Luo land😎😎.ama namna gani


perspective matters alot, people are too personal they don’t understand that this is actually a compliment to our Luo brothers


How do we end tribalism if our leaders pleasure in making such reckless statement?


but am real luo man and i marry a kikuyu girl we have one girl now and another one is coming very soon tuache ukabila

Mr Handsome😘

Thanks for recognising the LUO…anyway Luo is lifestyle and others. are feeding programmes 🤣

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