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Ex-cop Linda Okello acquires 2nd lavish home in the U.S.

by Samantha
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Linda Okello, a former Kenyan traffic police officer, has emerged as a symbol of resilience and triumph after her unexpected rise to fame in 2014.

A photo of her in uniform went viral, catapulting her into the spotlight and changing the trajectory of her life.

Despite facing setbacks, including losing her job and relocating to the United States, Linda announced the acquisition of her second home in the United States.

In her social media posts, Linda reflected on the challenges she encountered along the way, attributing her success to her inner strength and unwavering faith.

Joining ‘The Landlord Association of South Carolina,’ she expressed gratitude for the blessings in her life and marveled at what God has accomplished.

“Getting a second home was never going to be easy! I was almost giving up but my inner strong spirit was like aaah Linda ,you’re not the type to give up . It’s God !

“Today I have just joined “The landlord Association of South Carolina “ Linda Amerka orwaki gi Liyo nyar k’abok mira. See what God has done again,” Linda wrote.

In addition to her thriving career as a behavior therapist in the U.S., Linda has also pursued justice for the unauthorized use of her image in the viral photo. In 2014, she successfully sued a local media house for damages, citing the improper sharing of her image for commercial gain.


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