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Cebbie Koks Confirms Breakup with Renowned Lawyer Steve Ogolla

by Samantha
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Renowned lawyer Steve Ogolla and his wife, digital influencer Cebbie Koks Nyasego, have been making headlines over the past one week after reports went rife that a year after their weeding.

The couple, known for sharing glimpses of their life together, took an unexpected turn when Cebbie decided to delete all their wedding photos from her social media pages.

This move raised questions among their followers, leaving many to wonder if trouble was brewing in paradise.

Despite weeks of circulating rumors about their split, Steve and Cebbie consistently downplayed the speculations by sharing photos of themselves together at various events.

The public remained curious, attempting to discern the true nature of their relationship.

In a recent post on Cebbie’s Facebook page, she dropped a cryptic hint that suggested a possible separation.

Accompanying a photo of herself laughing was a humorous video where someone mentioned returning after claiming to be taken.

Cebbie’s caption added to the intrigue, stating, “You remember I said I was taken, well, they have returned me.”

This revelation has fueled further speculation, with social media users dissecting the cryptic message and trying to understand the dynamics of Steve and Cebbie’s relationship.

The once-admired couple, who consistently shared their journey and affection publicly, now finds themselves at the center of breakup rumors

Here are some of the comments from social media users: @Winnie Wenger Walcott said: “I have laughed so hard.” Kriss Xross said: “Steve is my friend, and he hasn’t returned you! Sema tu ukweli aki Cebbie.” Mami Mbuya said: “Tell them what they love to hear jaber, serve them that tea.”

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