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Zambians mock Gor Mahia for hyping a ‘mere’ bus unveiling on Sunday

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On November 14, 2023, the unveiling of a Sh 23 million bus for Football Kenya Federation Premier League team Gor Mahia took an unexpected turn as Zambian influencer Puncherello Chama seized the opportunity to mock the event on social media.

The video clip, featuring Kenya’s ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo enthusiastically presenting the state-of-the-art bus, triggered a wave of online banter.

In the video, CS Owalo proudly showcased the bus’s features, including piped music, recliner seats, a TV, and even a bed, eliciting cheers from the crowd. Chama’s mockery, however, centered on the perceived extravagance and hype surrounding the unveiling.

His sarcastic caption, “Only the husband of all teams can successfully pull off a Bus unveiling,” added fuel to the online fire.

Social media users joined in on the banter, questioning the necessity of celebrating the acquisition of a bus.

Albert Bito Mhango expressed his bewilderment, asking, “Why are Kenyans poor? Celebrating a mere bus?”

Yandani Kaylus Fikeni chimed in, criticizing the celebration compared to other African teams.

“Why are Kenyans poor? Celebrating a mere bus? Nkt I’m so angry at Kenya now…your neighbors are a shame bro. They’re embarrassing us as Africans. A small township team in Soweto owns 2 buses yet the biggest team in their country is happy for owning a bus 🤣,” added Yandani Kaylus Fikeni.

Meanwhile, Gor Mahia supporters celebrated the arrival of their new luxury bus.

The bus procession, commencing from Mombasa Road towards Eastlands and then on to Kasarani Stadium, drew hundreds of fans braving the chilly morning weather.

The 42-seater bus, modified down from 62 seats, boasts modern amenities, including Polo Generation two, USB charging sockets, a foldable TV with Super Sport, and a galaxy roof lighting.

CS Owalo, true to his promise made months prior, fulfilled the delivery of the bus to Gor Mahia.

“I’m happy to have delivered on my promise to the club. Now focus is on the clubhouse and stadium to ensure this club gets to the level of other big teams. I thank all the friends whom we have walked with in this journey. How many are happy and want us to continue helping the club? I have been a fan of the club since 1980 and we should be together at all times whether the club is down or doing well,” said CS Owalo.

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