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Mixed Reactions as Man Falls for Wife’s Trap in Bed, Releases Wallet with All Money to Her

by Samantha
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A TikTok video featuring a Nigerian man’s mother employing playful tactics to extract money from her husband has sent mixed reactions on social media.

The endearing clip, shared by the man’s son @ozymusicc, showcases the woman’s clever and light-hearted approach to coaxing money from her spouse.

In the video, the woman initially teases her husband in a playful manner, setting a jovial atmosphere between the couple.

Despite the husband’s initial claim of having no money, he eventually succumbs to the charming teases and allows her to take some money from him.

The son, Ozy, shared the heartwarming video on TikTok, advising ladies to watch and learn from it for better relationship dynamics with their partners.

As the video gained traction and went viral, viewers were captivated by the couple’s evident bond and the mother’s witty strategy to secure financial support from her husband.

Comments from users praised the affectionate relationship, with one user noting, “Daddy has surrendered,” and another offering advice to fellow ladies, stating, “Ladies, this is how to do it.”

This are some of the comments:

@bryannn said: “Ladies this is how to do it.”

@Ek Baby reacted: “Please Osaze are you single cos being raised around this kind of love only means you’ve plenty love to give.”

@banjimoyo reacted: “This kind of public affection should be normalized in African families. &2. I love her humour!!”

@olalekeolawalemcr reacted: “A finished husband who knows he’s already finished. May you grow stronger in happiness and love.”

@Ashlee said: “With the wallet already in her hand.”

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